The Infinite30 Concept

Our program is carefully constructed . . . specifically designed to help our members succeed and to help our licensees build long-ranging, meaningful, revenue-creating relationships with those they serve.

Here are the essentials in every effective weight loss program.

  • Healthy Food
  • Effective Supplements
  • Lots of Water!

Here is what we add at Infinite30.

  • Dedicated, well-trained licensees, coaches and support staff
  • A proprietary 3-stage process to generate permanent wellness and ongoing participation
  • An initial rapid weight loss stage that gets results and encourages continued engagement. 17-to-27 pounds lost on average in month #1*
  • A program based on real grocery store food, not a shake a day or pre-packaged meals
  • Daily contact with coaches
  • Weekly motivational activities
  • Ongoing accountability & support
  • Personalized, permanent eating plans for each member
  • An active, engaged community
  • An online store stocked with program supplements, as well as menu enhancements, replacements and snacks
  • Ongoing revenue-generating opportunities for our licensees through sale of supplements and products

Here is the proprietary 3-stage concept that makes weight loss permanent.


LOSE Weight Quickly

In our first month we focus on losing weight and dramatically improving overall health, using proven, established, safe weight loss strategies. During this time our members customarily lose 17-to-27 pounds, or even more!*


LEARN What Works For You

Next, we utilize one-on-one coaching to teach our members how to continue achieving their weight loss goals and make them a permanent part of life. We create a customized eating plan for each member by identifying the foods that have a positive or negative impact on their health. Each member’s eating plan is unique to them.


LIVE Well Permanently

After our members sleep better, take fewer meds and enjoy an active energy level, we continue to help them maintain a great, sustainable quality of life, with recipes, advice, activities, coaching, supplements, support and our customized app.

Here is the secret to our success.

Our program is specifically designed to generate immediate weight loss results. More important, we augment early gratification and enthusiastic support with the resources our members need to experience ongoing success. Our coaching, community-orientation and customized solutions generate unrivaled member retention and create numerous opportunities to drive additional revenue.