The power of the Infinite30 program is The Process . . . a well-thought out plan that is easy to follow for members, licensees and their coaches. 

The process includes numerous revenue generating opportunities for licensees. It is also specifically designed to encourage members to maintain their involvement for an extended period of time — far longer than the typical quick fix “diet plan.”

Let’s take a closer look at the process behind Infinite30.

Training & Launch

Infinite30 stands with our new licensees every step of the way, providing insights on site selection, store layout, staffing, purchasing, budgets and all facets of the operation. 

Shortly after joining Infinite30, our licensees attend 4 full days of training … in-depth learning that provides licensees with the information they’ll need to launch and operate a high-performing location.

Our marketing & strategic partner, Media Integrations, is available to provide extensive services in the business launch stage. These include creation of a  customized, localized website and online store, social media set-up and posting, market-specific collateral creation, market plan development & implementation, advertising campaign management, grand opening strategic planning and much more.

Lead Generation & Recruitment

The engine that drives the Infinite30 business model is effective recruitment of prospects for introductory seminars. There is an art and a science to effective lead generation and recruitment. We’ve developed effective campaigns that bring prospects to your door.

Seminars are the opportunity to introduce Infinite30 and to convert prospects into members. They learn about the science behind weight loss, the foundation of the program . . . the how and why it works. They are exposed to the materials that will help them succeed, including the Infinite30 app, Success Manual and 3D Body Scanner. High performing locations routinely convert 90% of attendees into membership.

Rapid Weight Loss - Losing Stage

Our rapid weight loss Losing stage is structured, simple to follow and generates results. Members typically lose 17-to-27 pounds during this first month of the program.-* It also sets a powerful tone that encourages members to continue working toward permanent wellness goals that extend well beyond the first 30 days.

Community is a key concept at Infinite30. We strongly believe that our personal connections with our members sets us apart from most weight loss operations. In the Losing stage, members experience support, encouragement and accountability, through daily weight-loss texts, weekly group event check-ins, access to our popular private Member Facebook Page and plenty of resources and reference materials found in our 60+ page Success Manual. Reminders, recipes and more are just a few clicks or page turns away. 

Our high performing locations generally convert 65-to-80% of their Losing stage members into the Learning phase.

Personalized Coaching - Learning Stage

Our follow-up Learning stage creates a customized eating plan for each member and teaches them the essentials of nutrition and healthy eating to last a lifetime. In this 4-to-5 month time frame, we reintroduce dozens of food types back into members’ eating plans, monitor the impact closely, and determine which foods are most compatible for them and their bodies.

Weekly individual coaching sessions play a major role in this essential part of the Infinite30 program. Members often tell us that having an engaged advocate in their corner makes all the difference. Another major appeal of the program is that members create their personal eating plans using the foods they commonly buy at their grocery store.

Members sign up for 1-year or 2-year packages that incorporate the Learning & Living stages of the program, making this the most financially lucrative part of the process for licensees. Because entry into the Living stage is a transition from the previous stage, conversion is a seamless process.

Permanent Wellness - Living Stage

Our innovative Living stage keeps long-time members connected to their weight loss & wellness centers. They continue to get support and coaching that helps to make healthy living a permanent part of their lives.

One major appeal of Infinite30 is the ongoing support of our members, including coaching and access to dozens of recipes, customized specifically for their personal eating plan. Another is the dramatically lower membership fees available to members after they have completed their contract. It becomes easy for long-term members to view their ongoing investment along lines that might be similar to a monthly Netflix subscription.

The Living stage is also be lucrative for licensees because our long-time members continue to purchase supplements, menu enhancements & replacements, snacks and more from their Infinite30 on-site or online store.

Living stage members also often make great coaching candidates because they have been through the program personally and have an empathetic understanding of its impact on members’ lives. 

The Proven Path To Profitability

The process is intentionally designed to increase incremental revenue for licensees month-after-month.  By adding new members into the Losing stage each month and retaining existing members for long periods of time, bottom line profits continue to grow. The lifetime value of a typical member is over $3,000.

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