We are determined to continually earn a reputation as one of the most licensee-friendly corporations in America. We’ve developed a licensee plan that is built for your success.

Licensee support is a key concept at Infinite30. We know from first-hand experience how important it is for companies to provide their in-market partners with the resources they need.

Here are some examples of the licensee services we provide.

In-Depth Training – Before licensees are permitted to open their locations they are required to attend our extensive on-site 4-day training program.

These sessions are packed with the essential information licensees need to operate a successful location. We provide training for as many employees as licensees care to send, as often as they wish to attend. We also encourage occasional return visits for licensees, so they can stay up-to-date on program enhancements.


Knowledge Exchanges – We schedule national video conference calls and strongly encourage the attendance of all licensees. These hour-long meetings are filled with training tips, program updates and timely reminders about upcoming promotions and group-wide activities. We also regularly publish licensee newsletters with tactical ideas, company news and more.


Internet Resources – Our licensees also benefit from easy access to online resources.

Our corporate website features a Licensee Portal that houses constantly updated collateral material, operational & training information, as well as a wholesale store, where licensees can conveniently purchase product for their on-site locations. We also have a private Facebook Group for licensees and operators, as a convenient and timely way to distribute information to executives and managers throughout the organization.


Performance & Benchmarking Services – Licensees are expected to generate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports each month.

This information allows the corporate office to track performance, identify potential challenges and generally keep up with the progress we’re seeing in each market. The corporate team can use company-wide benchmarks to evaluate each location’s efficiency, and can work with each licensee specifically during monthly calls that take place after the KPI reports have been generated.

As experienced operators of fitness centers, holistic wellness facilities and weight loss centers, our founding executives were frequently disappointed by the lack of marketing and strategic planning support they received from their corporate offices To address this consistent shortfall, Infinite30 has partnered with Media Integrations, an established strategic planning and marketing firm to serve as the company’s marketing resource.

In addition to implementing Infinite30’s overall brand messaging and corporate marketing, Media Integrations is available to provide extensive marketing services for Infinite30 licensees.

Media Integrations’ Infinite30 clients benefit from a wide-range of services that play a major role in their success. In addition to extensive resource allocations during the locations’ start-up stage, Media Integrations personnel conducts weekly strategic planning meetings, develops and implements marketing plans, participates in social media campaigns and posting activities, generates lead activities, creates video content for commercial and social media, and manages advertising campaigns of all types.

Additionally, here are examples of other services provided to Media Integrations Infinite30 licensees:

Video Highlight Reels — Every month Media Integrations generates a customized video for each of their locations. The videos run for several minutes and include before & after pictures, success stories, in-store special offers, promotional campaign information, coaches profiles, recipes, motivational thoughts, store hours & contact information and much more. The highlight reels are an effective way to hold the interest of in-store visitors and to convey key selling points of the program to individuals who may just be discovering Infinite30.

Lead Generation Tracking & Follow Up Drip Campaigns — Clients have access to a detailed dashboard that allows them to enter contact information and track the activities of new prospects. They are able to sort prospects by source and status. The second component of this platform is a sophisticated drip campaign tool which makes it possible for us to maintain contact with prospects and continue to provide a variety of information about the program. It’s a powerful resource for managing this critical recruitment stage of the Infinite30 program.

Turn-Key Promotional Campaigns — Media Integrations creates and customizes ongoing promotional campaigns for clients that touch on a variety of areas, from new member recruitment and retention incentives to in-store special offers. Licensees receive market-specific collateral materials. Media Integrations also generates social media posts and email blasts about the activities. As a result, licensees can focus on operating their business instead coming up with an ongoing series of promotions or contests.

Proactive Customer Review Programs — Licensees also benefit from a sophisticated customer review program which streamlines the process, generates reviews at a rapid rate and effectively displays positive comments and rankings on their website and on leading internet platforms such as Google and Facebook.

You CAN DO This . . . We WILL Help!

If you share our commitment to wellness and have a servant mindset, we’re confident you will find the business opportunity you’re looking for with Infinite30.

We know, because we’ve experienced it first-hand.

After years in the wellness and fitness industries, we were unhappy with the existing programs and set out to build a better model. We utilized elements of programs that we liked and filled in the gaps where we were unsatisfied with what we were seeing. We were confident that we could create a better permanent weight loss & wellness program and literally put our money where our mouths were.

In year #1 we generated over $500,000 in top-line revenue. Our year #3 revenue surpassed $1.2 million. With profit margins exceeding 35%, we have been successful in building a business model that grows consistently and generates six-figure profits reliably.

Now we’ve recruited an amazing team of experienced professionals who share our passion, vision and complete dedication to the success of our licensees and of our wellness mission as a whole . . . 

systems developers — accomplished corporate executives — marketing experts — operational specialists — business strategists — certified coaches — health care practitioners — internet communications specialists — support personnel and more.

Our organization’s expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to your success will pave the way for your life-changing business opportunity in a vibrant, growing industry. And you will be making a permanent difference in the lives of the people you serve.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Please contact us. Let’s take a moment to talk about the opportunity that awaits you with Infinite30.

Georgia Goppert, Founder